Mold Inspections & Testing in Charles Town, West Virginia


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WECI is Proud to Announce Mold Inspections & Testing in Charles Town, West Virginia

Mold in your property almost always spells trouble for your health and its re-sale value. If you suspect mold is present anywhere in your home, it’s important you have an inspection performed as soon as possible.

Dangerous mold like stachybotrys, chaetominum, aspergillus and a few others are known to be not only toxic, but also deadly.

Here at WECI, we specialize in mold inspections and testing, specifically in the Charles Town, West Virginia area. We ensure thorough inspections and reports as to what we find, as well as what kind of plan we’d recommend going forward.

Give us a call, we will be happy to answer your questions and set you on the path you need to be on!

We perform mold inspections not just in Charles Town, but also in surrounding areas such as Harpers Ferry, Bardane, Summit Point and many more. Get in touch with us below!

Some other cities we perform mold inspections and testing: