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WECI is Proud to Announce Mold Inspections & Testing in Winchester, Virginia

Mold is a common occurrence in damp regions. The average rainfall in Virginia is approximately 35 inches annually. While most strains of mold are a pure annoyance, some can be deadly. 

There are steps you can take to prevent this fungus from taking over your home or business. It is vital to understand the severity as well as the strain to properly treat the type of mold plaguing your structure. 

Winchester Environmental Consultants Inc in Winchester, Virginia can evaluate your home or office to determine the kind of mold you have.

Additionally, we can give you a comprehensive solution on how to remove and prevent further problems.

Humidity or rain creates a petri dish for this fungus to grow. Typically, outside walls, or around window frames are the perfect breeding grounds. The pores begin to form. At first, you may not notice. Sometimes, the mold begins inside the walls of the structure. When you first notice a problem, the fungus could be taking over. The first step in this type of fungus treatment is asking for a mold analysis.

At Winchester Environmental Consultants Inc, you can receive a detailed report on the type of pores you are experiencing. Knowing what kind of mold you are dealing with saves time and money fighting the hidden menace.

The most common strain that causes health issues is stachybotrys chartarum (black mold). This is the most toxic of all the categories. Black mold is hard to detect, as it is invisible until it has spread. This can cause breathing problems and respiratory issues. As you breathe in the pores, they attach to your lungs. You will need to vacate your home or structure until the mold is exterminated. Winchester Environmental Consultants will complete the mold inspection. Then we will finalize the report with appropriate mold testing.

Once the report is complete, you will have a better understanding of what you are dealing with. It is vital to decimate the fungus quickly. This is especially important with black mold taking over your building. You have a plan of action with Winchester Environmental Consultants Inc. We will explain the proper steps to remove the dangerous pores and take action immediately.

Mold can attach to any structure, inside or outside the walls. Fixing leaks and preventing floods can greatly reduce your mold infestation. However, professional help is important to keep your family, pets, or livestock safe.

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We perform mold testing and inspections not only in Winchester, but also in surrounding areas such as Front Royal, Strasburg, Stephens City, Boyce, Berryville, and more. Get in touch with us below!