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WECI is Proud to Announce Mold Inspections & Testing in Harrisonburg, Virginia

Have you live in your home for quite some time and now are beginning to notice something is not quite right? If there’s a musty smell in the air, a smell identical to the smell of leather, meat, a wet socks, or rotten wood, it could be mold.

Are the members of your family having episodes of respiratory problems, allergies or are experiencing a compromised immune systems?

As if they have become sickly all of a sudden because of symptoms like headache, sore throat, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, fatigue or watery eyes. 

Odds are quite high mold has started to form somewhere in your home.

Winchester Environmental Consultants Inc (ThinkWECI) is a trusted mold testing and inspection company located downtown in Harrisonburg. We have the overall objective to confirm the existence of a mold formation – to find out the exact source, discover the extent of the damage, and how far it has spread. 

Our well trained technicians will conduct mold tests that will leave no possibilities to guesswork, and exhaust all alternatives until we arrive to the final conclusion that indeed, your property has mold formation.

When a mold problem is present, we will provide you with a complete procedure and protocol for cleanup. Our analysis will list out all the steps that our profession mold management company will undertake before you give your signal for us to proceed.

If you suspect mold formation in your home or business, contact us for a comprehensive mold testing procedure which will put your worries to rest. Call us at 540-877-9420.

Winchester Environmental Consultants Inc. is your partner for Zero Mold Formation!

We perform mold inspections not just in Harrisonburg, but also in surrounding areas such as New Market, Bridgewater, Elkton, and many more. Get in touch with us below!