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WECI is Proud to Lead Inspections & Testing in Winchester, Virginia

Lead paint has been in popular use since the early 1900’s. Back in the day, lead was a common additive to paint because it aided in the drying process, increase durability, maintained freshness, and resisted moisture.

Everything from indoor home paint to the hulls of boats were painted with lead-based paint.

By 1978, residential and commercial halted the use of lead-based paints completely. Still today (almost 50 years later), many older buildings still have lead paint on the walls. This poses a danger to not only you, but also your children and pets.

At WECI, we can quickly and easily determine if you have lead paint and create a game plan to remove it all together.

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We perform lead inspections not just in Winchester, but also in surrounding areas such as Front Royal, Strasburg, Stephens City, Boyce, Berryville, and many more. Get in touch with us below!