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We perform mold testing and inspections not only in Winchester, but also in surrounding areas such as Front Royal, Strasburg, Stephens City, Boyce, Berryville, and more. Get in touch with us below!

Mold Inspections & Testing in Winchester, Virginia

Mold is a type of fungus. The variety of mold ranges vastly, but the most common type is black, white, orange, green, and purple. It can be found almost anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. Much like an airborne infection, mold can spread through the air using lightweight spores. Once a damp area has been found, the spores begin to accumulate and grow. 
While the growth of mold can be quite harmless under limited exposure, excessive exposure and inhalation of the spores can lead to health problems (some severe). 
Black mold is the most well known and deadly of them all. If you suspect you have any mold build-up, be sure to hire a mold inspector that can thoroughly analyze all parts of your home. Knowing what you are dealing with is vitally important. Not only does it address your underlying problem, but it also helps you to avoid spending unnecessary money. 
WECI performs mold inspections in Winchester, Virginia and its surrounding areas. Testing, analysis, inspections and more, Winchester Environmental Consultants Inc is your go-to source!

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