Asbestos Project Monitoring and Laboratory Services

In addition to project design and abatement, WECI employs licensed asbestos project monitors to supervise all operations where they are required by law or requested by the client.

The project monitor serves as an independent party from the abatement company that represents the interests of the building owner. The project monitor ensures asbestos contractors follow all appropriate state and federal laws, as well as any special conditions stipulated by the client. Project monitors also collect air samples at the end of abatement activities to ensure safety in building reoccupation.  WECI maintains a licensed asbestos laboratory capable of on-site analysis for asbestos air samples, allowing abatement projects to be concluded rapidly once the material has been properly removed.

In addition, WECI can analyze asbestos air samples collected by abatement contractors or other third parties on various turnaround times.  Please contact us for more information regarding our laboratory.