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Mold Testing

Mold is part of the natural environment. We breathe certain amounts of it every day.  However; excess moisture, airflow issues or other situations can lead to the amplification of molds to unacceptable indoor levels. A broad range of health problems, including allergy-like symptoms, infections, and toxic effects, have been described as related to mold exposures.

Many of the building issues such as water leaks and condensation issues can facilitate mold growth and cause long term damage to buildings.  In addition, the fungal growth itself can damage building materials or compromise occupant health by degrading the indoor air quality.

While a variety of consumer testing options are available, nothing can substitute for experience and in-depth knowledge of the fungal ecology of indoor environments when attempting to ascertain the extent of the damage, the proper remediation protocols and the potential health risks to occupants.

WECI has been conducting mold and moisture intrusion studies since 1991, and offers detailed mold and moisture inspections of properties conducted by our experienced environmental technicians. We can recommend and implement a comprehensive mold testing program in order to gain a deep understanding of the mold issue and the various options to correct it.  WECI inspection reports can be developed as a comprehensive work plan to remove the mold permanently, which may either be executed by a competent abatement contractor, or in some cases the home owners themselves. All testing and analyses are performed by experienced and trained professional and certified laboratories.

WECI can perform “post testing” of buildings which have recently undergone a mold remediation activity to determine if the work was a success, or if additional cleaning or other measures are required.  As mold removal contractors are not licensed or required to have any special training in most states, their degrees of experience and professionalism can vary wildly, and if remediation is performed unsuccessfully, the issue will likely return in a few weeks. As a third-party testing firm, WECI is uniquely positioned to identify the problem and inform the building owner if professional remediation is necessary and if so, complete a remediation scope of work and ensure that it is completed satisfactorily before the contractor’s work is considered complete.

Remediation Contractors, please see the “Environmental Contractors” section of our website to learn more about services WECI performs directly for abatement professionals.

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